Implementing improvements
for business and healthcare,
through advice, best-practice
and partnership

PMR Onsite
PMR Onsite
PMR Onsite
PMR Onsite

Concerned about the rising costs of healthcare?
Want your company to be more efficient and cost-effective? Need training to improve productivity and employee morale?

PMR specializes in solutions. We work in partnership with clients to identify issues and problems, propose and implement solutions, then monitor the outcome.

PMR operates through two companies:

PMR Healthcare reduces company costs, while providing affordable, accessible quality healthcare to employees.

PMR Consulting improves company productivity, efficiency and morale through problem resolution, and best-practice training.

PMR healthcare
PMR Healthcare

With healthcare costs rapidly escalating, its time to turn to PMR’s innovative solution.

PMR consult
PMR Consulting

Whether it's replacing failing processes or finding better ways to run your company, PMR delivers effective solutions.